15 Jun

What is Google Panda

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Google Panda is a series of on-going algorithm updates and data refreshes for the Google search engine that the company rolls out to help refine its search algorithm to improve the value of search query results for users.

The Google Panda updates specifically tweak the algorithm as part of Google's continual efforts to elevate high-quality sites and web pages to the top of the organic search results while lowering, or penalizing, the rank of lower-quality or "thin' web sites and pages, particularly those sites that display a large amount of advertising without much in terms of high-quality content.

The Google Panda affected roughly 12% of searches, therefore beginning the major shift in the search engine landscape. Google was focusing on quality and user experience, so it naturally cracked down on tinny content sites, content farms, site with too many advertisements in amount to the amount of content, and so on.

Since google was concerned with a superiority UX, this was the natural step in its all-out assault on web content across the spectrum. It determined an algorithm for evaluating the quality of a site, and it did so with a high degree of precision.


As an example, one of the determining factors that the Google Panda looked for was for the amount and quality of content that appeared above the fold. The fold, for those of you who don’t know, I is the part where browser screen initially cut-off a site when first loaded.

The Google Panda should also send another very strong message to you by conveying that Google’s focus has increasingly become a value oriented approach. IT wants to showcase the website at the top of its SERP a that are not only the most relevant, but that also provide the most value.

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